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November 22nd, 2007 | by Paul Grossman |

By Paul Grossman, PAULGRO Consulting LLC.

The ICCA Northern NJ chapter had its November meeting on Tuesday, 11/20/07. We had the privlege of hearing Matt Makowicz of Ambition Consulting speak about selling Managed Services. Matt gave some good insights on how to really interpret a prospect’s needs and / or problem during the initial sales meeting. Matt’s quite insightful about gaining the sale and I’m looking forward to reading his book “A Guide to Selling Managed Services”. The book has lots of specific examples toward the IT (technical services) industry but even us developers can benefit too from his insights. After all, selling is still selling - whether it’s widgets, IT services or software development.

The major projects I’m involved in include:

  • Course Administration for an educational institution
  • Maintenance and Enhancements for Sales and PR database applications
  • Enhance a website to have photo album functionality. Allow the site administrator to upload and delete photos to be displayed

The technologies being used for the above projects include MS Access, ASP .Net, and VB .Net. In future posts, I’ll be discussing some of the techniques I’ve used to make the various enhancements. I know that I’ve benefitted greatly from other bloggers and newsgroup posters so I’d like to share my experiences as well.

Have a great Thanksgiving …

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